My pymol 1.4.1 works fine. 
 can you try to ray trace and see if your objects are available but just not displayed on the standard screen?


2011/9/29 Andreas Förster <docandreas@gmail.com>
Hi all,

Has anyone noticed that the distance command behaves oddly.  Has this
been recently introduced?

fetch 1ubq
zoom 1ubq
dist 9/cg2, 73/cd2
# output:  object dist01 is created
# distance of 10.2 is shown, but no dashed line
# now check this out:
# several repetitions of the next two lines
disable dist01
enable dist01
# eventually lead to the appearance of the dashed line
# but it gets better
disable dist01
enable dist01
# The distance is enabled but neither number nor dashed line are visible
disable dist01
enable dist01
# Now the number and the dashed line are back

When dist01 is enabled but invisible, disabling 1ubq brings it back, but
it disappears again when 1ubq is re-enabled.

With other pdb files, the distance command doesn't work at all.  It
returns a distance of 0.0A to the screen that is only visible when the
associated pdb object is disabled.

I've observed this with
pymol-py26 1.4-7 installed with fink on a MacBook running 10.6
and with
pymol 1.4.1 revision 3968 installed through svn on RHEL 6.1

Notably, earlier revisions (e.g. 3958 and 3945) on RHEL 6.1 work just fine.

Recently introduced bug?


        Andreas Förster, Research Associate
        Paul Freemont & Xiaodong Zhang Labs
Department of Biochemistry, Imperial College London

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