Thanks Thomas.

That may or may not have worked, I can't tell. Usually after I load the movie, I can "hide all" followed by "show sticks", and this will show me sticks for all frames of the movie. When I do this now, I get sticks for the first frame, but nothing shows up on later frames. Even if I go to a later frame and type "show sticks", it's all hidden. Of course, if I have to do it for each frame, it's already too much work. Any suggestions for how to accomplish this?


On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 3:02 AM, Thomas Holder <> wrote:
Hi Rye,

only "discrete" objects have per state bonding information. Try this:

load multistate.pdb, discrete=1

Hope that helps.


Rye Terrell wrote, On 12/05/12 18:20:
> I'm loading a movie file now and it appears that the bonds determined in
> the first frame are used throughout the entire movie, even if atoms move
> further apart than the cutoff. Is my perception correct here? If so, can
> I make the bonds be calculated for each frame?

Thomas Holder
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