Thank you Thomas, translate and rotate works great, but I'm not sure what set_object_ttt function does. 

I'm also looking for a function that can set absolute coordinates of my cgo cone, not relative to current position like translate/rotate. Is there such a function?

2013/8/12 Thomas Holder <>
Hi Pawel,

> Currently I'm working on some plugin for PyMOL and I need your help.
> I need to draw an object (CGO) and create some function that will move
> this object or simply change its coordinates.
> I've done my job with the first part, that is drawing a sphere on a
> screen using
>     cmd.load_cgo(data, 'name')
> function, but how can I change its coordinates?

You can use translate and rotate with the object argument.

PyMOL> translate [10,0,0], object=yourcgo
PyMOL> rotate x, 20, object=yourcgo

You can also use cmd.set_object_ttt, see the third example here:

> My second question is about the meaning of a parameters for CONE CGO, in
> some examples ( CONE gets about
> 16 params, but I didn't found any description of those.

There is no proper documentation for those. Did you have a look at
pymol/examples/devel/, which has comments for all the CONE


Thomas Holder
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