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Thanks for the help 

2011/7/10 Andreas Förster <>
Dear MfG, formerly known as Holfelder, here's an expanded script:

load x_1.pdb
#orient molecule at this point as you desire
png x_00001
disable x_1

for i in range (2,10001): \

 cmd.load("x_%d.pdb" %i) \
 cmd.super("x_%d" %i, "x_1") \
 cmd.ray() \
 cmd.png("x_%05d" %i) \
 cmd.disable("x_%d" %i)  # or cmd.delete("x_%d" %i)

If you put the script into a file and load the orientation of the first molecule before the first ray-tracing, you can execute it remotely without the interface on the fastest machine (pymol -qc This will be much quicker.  Assemble the png files into a movie with Quicktime Pro or Adobe Premier or mencoder (see PyMOL Wiki).


On 10/07/2011 6:18, Babban Mia wrote:
Thanks a lot Andrea and Michael

So this would align/super impose all the other pdbs wrt the first PDB.
How Do I make a movie of that ?

Please advise
I want to be able to show this "blob" of structures(obtained after
aligning) from different angles and by rotation.

I guess I would use the mset command,Would it work ?

Please also show me how to incorporate the zoom command in the python
script so that the structures look well small and not enlarged and extended.