Thank you, Tsjerk, that's helpful.

To date, we are successfully interpreting all of the following:

     -- atoms with labels
     -- bonds
     -- standard PyMOL rendering, including:
        -- lines
        -- sticks
        -- nonbonded (stars)
        -- nb_spheres
        -- cartoons of various types (not plank)
        -- rockets
        -- ribbon (as Jmol backbone or trace)
        -- putty (trace)
        -- dots
        -- surfaces (molecular)
     -- measures
     -- simple CGO objects
     -- electron density as points and meshes
     -- custom colors
     -- fog and slab
     -- morphing movies (not scripted movies)
     -- JVXL caching of isosurfaces

I'm interested in any PyMOL session files that go beyond that or implement CGOs in more than just a "demo" mode. In other words, actual figures used in publication or research.

I am working on scenes now and will have some programming questions.


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