Hi Thomas,

2014-06-04 18:02 GMT+02:00 Thomas Holder <thomas.holder@schrodinger.com>:
Hi Folmer,

> I'm using the latest opensource version of PyMOL (r4077) on Ubuntu 12.04 (reported as with get_version, but on the first text line after startup).

looks like you should do a clean rebuild (remove the "build" directory).

Yes, that changed the version number.
> When the bg_color is set to white (also gray, it seems) the text in the main window of PyMOL is missing (revealed when pressing ESC).
> The text looks just fine if bg_color is black.
> Does anyone know if this is a feature or a bug?

it's not a feature, for sure. We'll fix that.

OK, sounds great!

Thomas Holder
PyMOL Developer
Schrödinger, Inc.

Folmer Fredslund