Dear Petro,

Text labels in PyMOL ( are displayed per atom, so the usual way is to make a pseudoatom ( for each helix label you want to make.

Using selections this can be pretty straight forward.

Let's say you have your coloured helices as selections you could do something like:

zoom helix1
pseudoatom labelhelix1
label labelhelix1, "Helix 1"

The position of the label can be changes using the edit mode  (see e.g.

Hope this helps

Best regards,
Folmer Fredslund

2011/10/30 Piter_ <>
Hi all.
I have a protein structure in cartoon representation. It has 5 helices
and iconnecting loops. I have colored 3 of the helices in to different
color. now i want to add text label to them. How can I do it?

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