It prints the selection all right. Why then save wouldn't save it:

def bk_saves_unique_pdb(Selection = None):
    """Takes current selection (or "all" -- if nothing selected) and saves it as a uniquetly named pdb file (Frame_Selection_RandomString.pdb) in the current working directory."""
    if not Selection:
        Selection = cmd.get_names('selections', 1)
        if Selection:
            Selection = Selection[0] # it was a list
            Selection = 'all'
    tempFile = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(dir=os.curdir, prefix="{frame:03d}_{sel}_".format(frame=cmd.get_frame(), sel=Selection) , suffix=".pdb")
    print, Selection # prints righteous file name and selection name (though not in quotes), Selection) # but still saves nothing
cmd.extend("bk_saves_unique_pdb", bk_saves_unique_pdb)

On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 10:49 PM, Thomas Holder <> wrote:
Hi Boris,

this will give you the list of active selections, which has by default only one entry (or zero, if no selection is enabled).

active_selections = cmd.get_names('selections', 1)

Hope that helps.


On Jan 22, 2013, at 2:08 PM, Boris Kheyfets <> wrote:
> I want to save current selection as a uniquetly-named pdb file. So I need tempfile of python.
> So I write def, and I want it have current selection as default one (not the '(all)'). How do I do that?
> I think it will be somewhere under
>  cmd.get_session()
> I read the sources, but couldn't find a single instance where current selection would be a default one.

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