Hello PyMOL users,



Is there a way I can add custom menu in PyMOL?

Ideally I'd like to be able to call both

* pml scripts, as well as
* full python pymol scrpts


Similarly -- is there a way I can bind exectution of given

* pml script, or
* full python pymol script

to a given key?

The problem

The basic problem

The basic problem is to automate tasks one repeats frequenlty. For example I had to type::

  select notW, not (resn W)
  hide all
  show spheres, notW


The problem which leads to the need of menu

So I make a pml or full-python pymol script and load it.

But then I have to remember the name of the script. Which is terrible -- because I have custom scripts in each and every program that I use.

The problem which leads to the need of custom shortcuts

Having custom menu us great as a reminder of what scripts have You written. But it's terrible to click through the menus. One is much better with shorcuts (hotkeys).