Hey Ram,

It's scriptable, but not very doable on this Android :p
The best solution would involve a generator funtion that takes a file pattern and a number, using glob to expand the file list, and using yield at each cycle.
For a pythonista that should make sense ;) I may take it up when I'm typing with two hands again :)



On Jul 15, 2011 7:40 PM, "r n" <ramme29@yahoo.com> wrote:

I wanted to load 100 pdbs from 2000 pdb files.

also is there way to load first 100 then second 200 etc.,?

Is there any command that could control the number of PDB to load to pymol or script?

I did downloaded PDBDIR from pymol wiki, but not much help. It did hang up for long time.

Is there any commands like pymol  c*.pdb, number=10 or file=10?

any immediate help will be appreciated.


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