Dear PyMol Users!

I've decided to make this topic for all questions wich could be arrise during working in diffent PyMol plugins.

So My first question about installation of the plugins wich are separate python modules ( installed not via PyMolf itself)

E.g I have old PyMol wicj lack CEalign plugin. I have CEalign source wich then I succesfull installed in my python.

root@owntest:/home/own/Downloads/cealign-0.8-RBS# python build install
running build
running build_ext
running install
running install_lib
running install_egg_info
Writing /usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/cealign-0.8_RBS.egg-info

but when I try use CEalign from pymol I've obtaind

NameError: name 'cealign' is not defined

How I could install such plugins correctly ?

Thanks for help