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2013/3/4 Justin Lecher <>
On 04/03/13 12:21, Troels Emtekær Linnet wrote:
> Dear Pymolers.
> I am playing around with creating a pdf file with 3 D graphics.
> I am saving in *idtf* format, which I convert to *u3d, *and then include
> in pdf through latex.
> I can do this on windows, but I can't compile IDTFConverter *on linux 64.*
> I have made this progress
> But when I compile, I get.


try this one

it only has problems with gcc-4.7 but I can provide a patch if needed.


Justin Lecher
Institute of Complex Systems
ICS-6 Structural Biochemistry
Research Centre Juelich
52425 Juelich, Germany
phone: +49 2461 61 2117

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