You can do input arguments to your script.

#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys, os
try: pathtoscripts = sys.argv[1]
except: pathtoscripts = ""

Then: /my/dir/home

Or else i would try to make a script, and import pymol as module.
I dont really know how to do this.

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2012/5/8 Rituparna Sengupta <>

I'm wondering if anyone could tell me if there is a way of running a plugin in batch mode. I tried running it as a script but does not work when I use pymol -c or pymol -cq. The script has multiple arguments in the form of a list. I assign the variables to a list and then use that list to run the script. It works when the GUI is open (because I can assign values to a variable), but doesn't when I use -c or -cq (can't assign values from the command line.

File name:

I used the extend command to extend the plugin to the command line (as described in the plugin tutorial). The end of the file has something like this:

def dosomething(app):

 'Enter variable: ',
 'Enter variable: ',

 'Enter variable: ',
 info=[a, b, c]

cmd.extend('do_Something', do_Something)

When the GUI is open, I assign the values of a, b and c to a variable string like: inf=['a', 'b', c]; by typing into the pymol command line. Then I can run the plugin using: do_Something(inf)
But I can't assign the values of a, b, and c to inf when using batch mode. I don't know how to. If anybody has any suggestions, please let me know. I'll be grateful for any advice.
Thanks in advance


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