I personally think git hub is a good suggestion.

And we need you wikiguys (Jason etc. ) to catch the idea and implement it. :-)

Security is an issue, and I also believe that you need to control this.
I don't know if github is able to make securities in groups of a owner of a script and some "super users". 
So only a few users can change the script.
Would it possible to have the same user credentials to the github as the wiki?

Host / mirror.
As far as I know, one can find each file at a github webpage.
So, maybe the pymolwiki could show that file in a window at the wiki?

People with github experience should throw in some experience. :-)


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2011/11/10 Jason Vertrees <jason.vertrees@schrodinger.com>
Hi Justin,

> I started this some time ago and also announced it on the mailing list. But
> it didn't caught much interest.

The idea didn't get much traction because it was ahead of its time. I
think now is its time.

The plugin manager that Thomas is creating will be able to aggregate
scripts from various locations and install them on the fly without one
needing to restart PyMOL. Do you mind working with Thomas to help
integrate with the git-hub repo?

Downloading scripts and running them creates a security hazard. So, we
need to be careful about that.

Some points to consider for the repository:
 * it should mirror or host the code from the PyMOLWiki, not fork it
 * be secure from misuse (can anyone commit or just you?)

What do you think?


-- Jason

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