Create two new molecules from the originial.

import rotkit
rotateline Pos1=atomcoordM1, Pos2=atomcoordM2, degangle=60, molecule=dim1

2011/10/9 kanika sharma <>
I need to rotate the second unit of the dimeric protein on the line joining their center of masses. rotate it at a atep of 60 degrees till 240 degree..

2011/10/8 Troels Emtekær Linnet <>
If you need rotations around an line, instead of axis, check out

Troels Emtekær Linnet
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 53, 2 RE
04107 Leipzig, Tyskland
+49 1577-8944752

2011/10/7 kanika sharma <>
Hello everyone,
I Have a protein with 2 chains.
I have to rotate the second chain of the protein by 60,120,180,240 degrees each.
Is there a script in PyMol that can do that?


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