Try Following this script.

Please report if you are successful.
It would be interesting to see how it works on CentOS


2011/12/2 grantaka36 <>
Referring the following, I'm trying to install PyMOL 1.4.1 with
attached '', but no success. Would you please help to
finish installation, or give me some advices? If information
inadequate, please contact me.
- Requirements
- Get latest Source from SVN
- Compile and install
- Problems - "gcc-4.5 is broken for pymol install, use gcc-4.4"
-- My distribution has gcc4.5, so installed /usr/bin/gcc44, /usr/bin/g++44.

Attached 'install_error.txt' gathers some information:
- Original module files are in $HOME/install_module/pymol-archive
- Intends to install in $HOME/pymol-svn
- Original log has some Japanese messages so I added /* means ... */


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