That is a cool feature, and is kind of the "future" of publishing. :-)
Or at least, a very powerful tool for teaching.

But it is sad that it only have cartoon export.
I wish that it could include other representations.

For now I use Jmol, which can export the whole representation in the window.
I can import small molecules through. Files->Get MOL-> And then CAS number or smiles.
For proteins I scoop into, and find the protein in the Jmol online viewer. (Just changing to white back ground).

Right click in Jmol window->Export file->Export IDTF 3D model.

That saves a .idtf file, and a .tex file ready for LaTeX.
Rename the .idtf file, so it only ends on .idtf and not:

Simpy converting the .idtf to .u3d as instructed in,
and you are ready to go from the given .tex file. (Removing the last looong comment section.)

With a little practice, it only takes 3 min, to have 3d implementation of your molecule
in teaching material / beamer presentation.

I wish that could be implemented in PyMOL, and I have been looking for a wish list,
but I don't know where that exists?


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2013/3/12 Mooers, Blaine H.M. (HSC) <>
I saw Jason Vertrees update of
It has the address to the source code for u3d-1.4.3. I could not compile earlier
versions of this program on a Mac running Snow Leopard, but I had
success with this version. I followed Jason's directions for compiling on
Linux through  chmod g+wx. I had installed cmake earlier.

The program compiles fine on Ubuntu 12.04 too.

I used pdflatex from fink with beamer and the movies15 package.

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