Hi Michael.

Something similar has been made to show the "SITES" labels of a pdb file, for quick referencing of a crystal structure.

You could look into how that is written, and provide something similar for an NMR structure?


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2013/2/8 Zimmermann, Michael T., Ph.D. <Zimmermann.Michael@mayo.edu>

Dear PyMOL Users,


I’ve been using fetch and fetchlocal (from the wiki) for working with multiple datasets of structures, but have a nagging issue that I have not found an efficient way to solve. I typically download the first biological unit, which works for X-ray structures. The trouble is (for good reason), NMR structures don’t have a .pdb1 file. Does anyone have a script to do, or have a good idea about how to implement, the following? (It’s really my lack of familiarity with catching the value from functions like cmd.get_names (rather than it just being printed) in python that’s my barrier…)


Attempt to fetch 2yrq.pdb1

If fetch fails, try fetching 2yrq.pdb

If successful and we have >1 state, save the first state




Michael T. Zimmermann

Ph. D. in Bioinformatics | Health Sciences Research | Division of Biomedical Statistics and Informatics

Mayo Clinic | 200 First Street SW | Rochester, MN 55905 | mayoclinic.org


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