Is this a one time deal? Or a script you need to make for multiple proteins. 

You could probably transfer the volume by making TLG a new object. create TLG, protein_1 and resi (residue numbers of TLG).

Then align TLG to the new protein X where you want it.

align TLG, proteinX and resi (where you want TLG)

Then you would have to remove the atoms of the old volume be selecting the residues and A -> remove atoms

fuse (N-terminus of protein X atom, C terminus of TLG object)
fuse (N -terminus of TLG, C terminus of protein X)

That is so time consuming though, why don't you use a modeling program like everyone else suggested? for a nice graphical interface and bond satisfaction why not try and use MOE if you want a graphical interface. 

If this were me though, I would use Biopython.


On Jan 28, 2012, at 11:41 PM, James Starlight wrote:

Dear PyMol Users!

I want to make simple chimeric mutant via PyMol by transferring
specified group from one protein to another.

E.g I have to proteins:

1 protein consist of triplet of TLG amino acids in the X place

2nd protein consist of specific group wich I w'd like to move in the X
place of first protein ( both of that groups have exactly the same
volume because specific group in second protein was made by
modification of the TLG triplet )

How I could do that ransfection ?


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