Hi All,

While ray tracing a scene with 10 x-large proteins in grid mode at 3600, 3600 (width, height) I ran out of RAM (2 GB).  I tried it again by writing everything into a script and using pymol -qc which still ran out of memory.  I read somewhere that POVRAY is less of a memory hog so I installed the latest version and simply modified my script to "ray 3600, 3600, renderer=1" to use POVRAY.  Everything went smoothly but I noticed that the image generated from POVRAY looked different than the native ray traced structure using PyMOL's ray tracer (simply invoking "ray" without dimensions in PyMOL).  Specifically, the light reflections appeared to be dulled in POVRAY and spheres that were further away from the camera view are not distinguishable.  I've posted a comparison on the PyMOLWiki:


Firstly, I apologize as I am completely new to the world of POVRAY and I just assumed that the image produced from either method would give identical/close results but I much prefer the look of the PyMOL ray-tracer.  Is there an easy way to set everything up the same way as the PyMOL ray-tracer but for POVRAY?  Thank you for your time.


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