Hi all,

I'm considering building in a mechanism for automatically fetching scripts from the PyMOL Wiki. The goal is to allow users to say

fetch findSurfaceResidues, type=script
findSurfaceResidues doShow=True, cutoff=0.5

The convenience benefits are obvious, especially for new users, and I think that lowering the barrier to script usage will greatly increase both the number of people who use various scripts and the incentive to place scripts on the wiki (especially if the fetch mechanism makes it easy for script authors to provide a citation/DOI/etc.).

I've put up a tentative page about this on the wiki (http://pymolwiki.org/index.php/Fetching_scripts), and I'd love comments either via the list, private email or on the wiki, especially about

 - whether you think it's a good idea
 - security and validation
 - options you'd like
 - implementation issues

The plan is to write this as a userland script first. If issues relating to security and validation can be resolved, we'll see if the official builds want to include it.



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