On Jul 19, 2011, at 6:53 AM, leila karami wrote:
my system contains 2 residues.

I labeled them. Now I want to change the position of one of labels as position of other be fixed.

how do I do that?

Hello leila, 

In addition to the GUI method Zhijian recommended, here are two options to do this from the command line.

If your 2 residues are in different objects, you can use:

set label_position, [x,y,z], objectA

to move the label of the residue in objectA [x,y,z] relative to the view axes.  (Of course, substitute numbers for x, y, and z.)  Note that the position of the label will change relative to the rest of the atoms in the structure if you rotate the view.

If they're part of the same object, you could label a pseudoatom instead of the residue whose label you want to move:

# e.g. C-alphas from residues 30 and 40
select atomA, i. 30 and n. CA
select atomB, i. 40 and n. CA

# create a pseudoatom at atomA
center atomA
pseudoatom labelA

# label them
label labelA, "Atom A"
label atomB, "Atom B"

# move the label once... 
translate [x,y,z], labelA

# ...OR, move it relative to the view axes as in the first option
set label_position, [1,1,0], labelA

Hope that helps,


Jared Sampson
Xiangpeng Kong Lab
NYU Langone Medical Center
550 First Ave MSB 329
New York, NY 10016

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