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Let's say your protein is called 'protein'. Then you can obtain the other unit corresponding to your second biomt operation as:

create unit2, protein
alter_state 1,unit2,(y,z)=(-y,40.6-z)

Note this is a shorthand specific to your case. For a full biomt record (R t), with R being the rotation matrix (first three columns) and t the translation vector (last column), you would have to make the equation reflect the matrix operation Rp+t.

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On Feb 28, 2011 6:46 AM, "kanika sharma" <ksharma997@gmail.com> wrote:

ok, I know that a dimer can be generated from the BIOMT operationon monomeric unit of protein.
I have this protein....but its unclear to me how to apply these transformations and what do they represent....

If somebody knows then please let me know...Its really urgent...

REMARK 350 APPLY THE FOLLOWING TO CHAINS: A                                     

REMARK 350   BIOMT1   1  1.000000  0.000000  0.000000        0.00000             REMARK 350   BIOMT...

REMARK 350   BIOMT3   2  0.000000  0.000000 -1.000000       40.60000            

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