I always receiving a segmentation fault with  pymol-v1.3-Linux-x86_64-TclTk8.5.tar.bz2. 

It also happens with pymol-v1.3-Linux-x86-TclTk8.5.tar.bz2 but not all the time.

Here is how  the segmentation fault happens.

1) read in a molecule ... a small one for testing purposes ... one that should have double bonds.

2) set valence, 0.1

3) click on editing mode.

4) with mouse, cntl-right click on bond, this is ok.

5) with mouse, cntl-w to get the a double bond; left click with mouse, and segmentation fault may occur.

6) repeat step 5 with a second bond, and segmentation fault will definitely occur.

I am a subscriber.

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