Hi Kanika,

You're right about the columns for translation and rotation. But since in your case it's an identity matrix, it's not going to help you achieve your goal.



On Feb 26, 2011 8:14 AM, "kanika sharma" <ksharma997@gmail.com> wrote:

Does anyone know how to apply these biometric constraints to generate a dimer of my molecule????

REMARK 350 APPLY THE FOLLOWING TO CHAINS: A                             REMARK 350 APPLY THE FOLLOWING TO CHAINS: A, B                                  
REMARK 350   BIOMT1   1  1.000000  0.000000  0.000000        0.00000            
REMARK 350   BIOMT2   1  0.000000  1.000000  0.000000        0.00000            
REMARK 350   BIOMT3   1  0.000000  0.000000  1.000000        0.00000            


i think first 3 cols represent rotation and last 3 rep translation...But how to do it??


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