Hi Martin,

You're in the wrong thread! In addition, + is not OR. OR merges expressions, + 'merges' identifiers in an expression. Further, in the code you gave it said 'or'. It seems from this post you wrote 'and' in your script, signifying a mismatch between what you were doing and what you thought you were doing :) Mind, please, always to post your actual code.



On Mar 2, 2011 8:18 PM, "Martin Hediger" <ma.hed@bluewin.ch> wrote:

Dear all
thanks for the feedback. Indeed, after thinking for a second its totally
clear why 'select identifyer, (resn asp and resn glu)' returns { }.
So, speaking of syntax, '+' is OR and '&' is AND?

Thanks again

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> Hi Jason, > sorry for last message .. > > To label a residue by an mdo command cmd.mdo(int frame, ...