Hi Max,


you are already pretty much spot on. Pymol stereo works under XP, Vista, W7 and as far as I know any Linux flavor,  as long as you purchase a compatible NVIDIA quadro card and Nvidia 3D kit. The only caveat is that under Linux you need to have a card which supports the external 3 pin stereo connector, you don’t need that under any of the windows flavors. Check the Nivida website for compatible cards,  machines and monitors.


I’m sure you can also find some structural biology groups at Scripps who are already setup with this equipment.








From: Max Ferretti [mailto:MFerrett@scripps.edu]
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Subject: [PyMOL] Viewing PyMol in 3D


Hey everyone,


Does anyone have experience setting up pymol to be viewed in 3D with glasses? I’m hoping to build a system for this purpose.


From what I have read, I will need a recent NVidia Quadro card and a 3D-capable LCD monitor with a resolution of at least 120Hz. I’m not sure if I need to be more specific than that (if there are particular cards/monitors that are known to work/not work). I’m also not quite sure if this is possible on Windows 7. I’ve seen reports of people doing this with Windows XP and Vista, but I would prefer to avoid those operating systems.


Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.


-Max F