I'm quite a novice user of PyMOL but I am already impressed at the speed and beauty of the rendering. But I have some questions regarding it's use for viewing results of Autodock.
So I normally proceed as follows, i open the PDB molecule say fetch BLABLA and i get the pdb file...Then i have two options, one is to simply open the .dlg file then i get only one ligand results which i scrool with the play button to see all the results, but there is also an option (i use the autodock plugin, and with that i get all of the results on the screen), but the problem is how to save everything together in one pdb. file. I tried with the "write complex.pdb" but it made a strange mess when i look with other pdb viewers such as Viewerlite.
What can you suggest me to do?

Thank you for the answers!