Dear David,

I don't know where the price differences come from, but it's really worth to try different systems on you own, say, in a lab where different ones are used. In our group, most people use the Nuvision system because of the low price. Personally, I use the stereographics/real-d system because of the better wearing comfort. How important this is, and whether it's worth the price difference is of course completely up to the individual user ...

Best regards,


Am 15.11.2007 um 13:46 schrieb David McGiven:

Dear Pymol Users,

Sorry for getting back to this topic, but it's the only place I know
about where I can find scientific colleagues using pymol and 3D Glasses.

I've seen very big differences between prices of 3D Glasses, being the
crystal eye the most expensive (~800 US$), the Nuvision almost half the
price (~400US$) and the eDimensional for almost nothing! (~100 US$)

Is it really worth paying the price of the real-d glasses ?

Does anybody know why this big price differences ?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
David McGiven

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