Hi Greg,

You shouldn't physically merge the .pdb files. Just load all the .pdb files, set the settings and save it as a .pse. This could of course be scripted. If you want to apply the settings from a certain .pse, load that one store the view and if any settings need be applied to the other models, copy them from the first object... (get/set).

Hope it helps,


On 10/12/07, Greg Williams <gregoryw@comcast.net> wrote:
Yes, I had found that .pdb files can be merged, but, of course, you lose all
the formatting done on the file. I had hoped to be able merge .pse files
after doing the modeling. The combined .pdb file for the 70S ribosome is
huge and cumbersome. Alas.

Another beginner question, then. When I mix the 2 pdb files, there are now
many sets of two chains named Chain C, for example. Is there is a selection
syntax that allows me to select one Chain C but not the other?


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