Hi Frieda,

There's no such command. You'll have to parse the output you get through a script which filters it in the way you want. This isn't difficult though (good python exercise :p).



On 10/9/07, Frieda Reichsman <friedar@nsm.umass.edu> wrote:

I would like to get secondary structure information from a PyMOL file. I searched the list and found this:

> I need a list of the secondary structure assigned to each residue by dss in
> pymol. Is there a simple way to write this information to a file, or dump it
> to the screen?

To dump it to the screen, try:

iterate <object name> & n. ca, print resn,resi,ss

and it works, but the output is a long list of every residue. Is there a command to get the output more succinctly, such as

1-5 L
6-10 H
11-15 S



Frieda Reichsman

Molecules in Motion

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