Hi Greg,

In addition to Warrens reply, you don't have to repeat the code eight times if you use a bit of python:

/for i in range(9): cmd.set_color( "blue"+str(i), [ 0.0, 0.0, 0.2+i*0.1 ] ), cmd.color ( "blue"+str(i), "chain " + "ABCDEFGH"[i] )

You can use all the arithmetic you want to get a nice series of colors...
I tested it with Pymol 0.99rc6 and it works fine for me. Isn't Python (Pymol) great :)

Do mind that you have to start a python command in pymol (.pml scripts) with a slash (/)

Hope it helps,


On 10/8/07, Greg Williams <gregoryw@comcast.net> wrote:


New PyMol user here, clubbing my way up the learning curve. Say I'm modeling
a protein with 8 subunits. I want to show them as spheres and give each of
them a slightly different shade of blue. Do I have to define by name each of
my 8 colors with the set_color command and then apply my set individually
with, for example: color blue1, chain A. That seems a bit clunky.

I see that the argument for color is a "string: color name or number" What
is meant by number in this context?

I've tried color (x, y, z), chain A

Where x, y and z are 0-255 RGB coordinates, 0-1 PyMol coordinates, with
several syntax variations. I keep getting error messages.

I must be missing something simple.

Greg Williams
Department of Chemistry
University of Oregon

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