Hi Pete,

Check on the sections "clipped_by" and "bounded_by" in the povray documentation. You can clip with a defined plane, and can actually do so using different planes for different objects. Alternatively you can use other objects to clip. Another possibility is to use CSG difference or intersection. Especially the latter will be painfully slow with surfaces and such, unfortunately. Come to think of it, it may be possible to directly include this in the conversion to povray. Maybe if I have a moment, I'll add it to the scripts I have and post the link... :)



On 10/24/05, Peter Adrian Meyer <pam52@cornell.edu> wrote:

> Or you can dump to povray and render at whatever resolution you want,
> but the image will not resemble exactly what is seen in the pymol viewer
> window.

I've noticed problems with the clipping planes (z axis) whenever I've
tried this.  Specifically, the near clipping plane is apparently not
respected in pov-ray conversion (particularly for maps/isomeshes).
I don't know if this has been fixed or not as of yet, but I wasn't able to
find a way to work around this.  Your milage may vary...


Pete Meyer
Fu Lab
BMCB grad student
Cornell University

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