Hi Tom,


set specular, 0


alone should be enough to do the job if all you want to do is turn off specular lighting -- you can ignore all those other spec_* settings.


However, for a more matte appearance I’d be more inclined to try:


set shininess,10


set specular_intensity, 0.2


# and perhaps


space pymol


# in order to lessen problems with color saturation.





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Hi All --


Would anyone happen to have a "recipe" handy for turning down/off the specularity (of CPK spheres especially)  in PyMOL?  I happen to be a fan of more "matte" surfaces and find the highlights to be rather extreme.  I've been messing around with all of the parameters as found on PyMOLwiki:


Spec direct

Spec direct power

spec power


specular intensity


as well as




et cetera


but haven't really found the sweet spot.


My current settings look like:

spec_count, 1

spec_direct, 0.0

spec_direct_power, 2000

spec_power, 2000

spec_reflect, 2

specular, 0

specular_intensity, 0.5

ambient, 0.08

reflect, 0.66

This is close, but loses some dimensionality in the CPK spheres (they now look flat in the middle).  Oddly, the spheres look great in the GUI (unrendered) but the ray-traced version seems to clip the shading/color distribution badly....


Any suggestions?






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