Just to make sure everyone understands:


Stereo 3D support for these awesome new 120 Hz LCD displays is WINDOWS ONLY due to the need of a special USB driver for the 3D Vision sync emitter.  Unfortunately, you cannot sync a digital 120 Hz LCD using the old stereo analog DIN sync connector – it just doesn’t work.


Please do not waste money right now buying a 120 Hz LCD if you use Linux or Mac OS (even if you have a Quadro card), or if you use a Windows laptop (without a Quadro graphics chip).  You will be disappointed -- the display will not do 3D with your system, and nVidia has not promised support for 120 Hz LCD synchronization on platforms other than Windows.  That may change, but then again, it might not.


Accordingly, our recommended stereo 3D solution for Mac, Linux, and for Windows systems without Quadro cards is the Zalman M220W LCD display.  You get fewer pixels for stereo 3D, but it works great with PyMOL on ALL PLATFORMS (including most laptops). No special graphics hardware or drivers are required to use the Zalman with PyMOL.  http://pymol.org/zalman