It’s hard to say specifically, but my in my experience, PowerPoint requires something like 2-3X more computing power to play a movie smoothly than does Media Player, and playback can also depend upon the performance of your graphics card and hard disk.  If your laptop is under-powered, the only surefire way to get smooth playback is to shrink the size of the movie.


For movies that will be played back only on Windows, I would suggest using the Windows Media 9 (or higher) codecs.  For whatever reason, Microsoft codecs tend to play better inside PowerPoint than non-Microsoft codecs.





From: Carlos Martinez Fleites []
Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2009 3:40 PM
Subject: [PyMOL] making movies in adobe premiere


Dear Pymol users,


I am trying to make movies from pymol images using Adobe Premiere. Everything works OK when I see these movies in Windows media player, quicktime, etc but the problem comes when I try to insert these movies on PowerPoint presentations. The movies sometimes flicker or go black or get jumpy all depending on the codecs I use to compress them. So my request is if anyone can advise me on what settings are adequate to produce movies in Premiere and then insert then in PowerPoint. I am working on a Windows machine.






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