Hi -

I installed apbs and tools (0.4.0) in a Linux box.

I then specified the location of psize.py and apbs executable.

when i load a protein and click on 'set grid' according to instructions I get on a new window a rather cryptic response:

Error: 6
ValueError Exception in Tk callback
  Function: <function <lambda> at 0x414cfbc4> (type: <type 'function'>)
  Args: ()
Traceback (innermost last):
  File "/Xsoftware/pymol/ext/lib/python2.3/Pmw/Pmw_1_2/lib/PmwBase.py", line 1747, in __call__
    return apply(self.func, args)
  File "/Xsoftware/pymol/ext/lib/python2.3/Pmw/Pmw_1_2/lib/PmwDialog.py", line 153, in <lambda>
    command=lambda self=self, name=name: self._doCommand(name))
  File "/Xsoftware/pymol/ext/lib/python2.3/Pmw/Pmw_1_2/lib/PmwDialog.py", line 132, in _doCommand
    return command(name)
  File "/Xsoftware/pymol/modules/pmg_tk/startup/apbs_tools.py", line 1055, in execute
  File "/Xsoftware/pymol/modules/pmg_tk/startup/apbs_tools.py", line 1096, in runPsize
  File "/usr/local/apbs-0.4.0/tools/manip/psize.py", line 267, in runPsize
  File "/usr/local/apbs-0.4.0/tools/manip/psize.py", line 102, in parseInput
  File "/usr/local/apbs-0.4.0/tools/manip/psize.py", line 116, in parseLines
    self.q = self.q + float(words[3])
ValueError: invalid literal for float(): 1.00119.63

Any clues ?