My deepest condolences to his wife Beth and his family.

I have made thousands of illustrations with PyMOL over the years and will put a dedication to Warren in my protein structure and function book when it is finished. I would not have been able to write it without his generosity via PyMOL.


Le jeudi 05 novembre 2009 21:27:38, Jason Vertrees a écrit :

I have been asked to send the following on behalf of Warren's wife, Beth:

To all PyMOL supporters, a message from DeLano Scientific:

Warren DeLano has passed away.  We are not accepting new orders at the
moment, while we plan our next steps.  For those customers who have
purchased support subscriptions, we are presently continuing to
provide support via the email address designated for this purpose.
Please do not send email to Warren's personal email address

We thank everyone for their tremendous support over the years, both
monetary and non-monetary, and ask you to please bear with us while we
plan for PyMOL's future.


Elizabeth Pehrson (Warren's wife)


H. Adam Steinberg
Artist, Scientist, Developmental Editor

7904 Bowman Rd
Lodi, WI 53555