I was actually thinking about a related approach.  Could one include a feature in PyMOL allowing the user to save notes with a session?  I've really come to like saving sessions but going back to them later I often wonder what the objects are exactly, what the views were meant to represent, which views are saved, which color scheme I used.  Briefly, details that help recreate scenes or images.

I've sent emails not too long ago arguing that one should simply write scripts, and all will be obvious.  I stand corrected (thanks, Warren) because it won't.  If you're pdb file is gone, your script will only take you on a long search through the dark corners of all available hard disks but not to brilliant figures.

Gilleain, I'm not sure you would want to save a session with every png because that would inflate the size of your image significantly.  But it'd sure be cool to have a snapshot saved in the session file to have a thumbnail to look at.


On 2/12/07, gilleain torrance <gilleain.torrance@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello everybody,

I just had an idea for a plugin, but I know I won't have time to make
it, sooooo...I thought I would mention it in the hope someone else
can. :)

Basically, I often make snapshot images (pngs) of scenes. The problem
with doing this is that I have learned to be careful to make the
filename tell me what it is. For example : nacatgrip_1fmn_201_203.png.
Otherwise, I look at the picture 6 months later and wonder what it

This would be a lot easier if there was a snapshot plugin that could
store an image and metadata about the image - the path to the
structure file, structure names, comments, etc.

In fact, a truly clever thing would be to store the session along with
the image, and you could browse sessions by looking at thumbnail

Anyway, just a thought.

gilleain torrance