**First, I'd like to apologize if you are receiving this message more than once. I kept sending it from the wrong email name**

I'm making a movie, and I think I really got it down! However, I'm having trouble with independent rotations. 

I have nine independent objects, of which three I'm trying to get to rotate their own z-axis. Is this possible? Let me show you what I mean :)

frame 30
rotate [0,0,1],360, object=3hmx_ant, origin=3hmx_ant
rotate [0,0,1],360, object=2b1a_ant, origin=2b1a_ant
rotate [0,0,1],360, object=2xwt_ant, origin=2xwt_ant

#store all views
mview store, object=2b1a_ant
mview store, object=2b1a_h
mview store, object=2b1a_l
mview store, object=2xwt_ant
mview store, object=2xwt_h
mview store, object=2xwt_l
mview store, object=3hmx_ant
mview store, object=3hmx_l
mview store, object=3hmx_h

mview reinterpolate, object=2b1a_ant
mview reinterpolate, object=3hmx_ant
mview reinterpolate, object=2xwt_ant

The problem is that the rotate command uses the entire scenes y-axis rather than the objects. I understand you can supply an axis vector, but I have no idea how to do this. Essentially I want to do what movie.roll would do, but just to one object independently of the entire scene.