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just a wild guess, but in order to get stereo to work on my PC (under W2K) with a Oxygen GVX card I had to use a "ENT" emitter from Stereographics. As far as I recall the regular emitters used on the SGI's, type "ESGI", did not work.

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I followed the discussion on 3D stereo support in PyMOL and saw that
many people were able to get PyMOL in stereo with FireGL or Nvidia
cards. Finally I got the chance to try it out myself with a new NVIDIA
Quadro4 XGL 900. I am running PyMOL on RedHat 7.3 wiht the latest nvidia
drivers (1.0-3123). There were no problems to get accelerated X up with
blazingly fast PyMOL rendering. So next, I tried to get stereo working.
I am using Stereographics emitter and CrystalEyes which I've been using
with our SGIs (so that I know they are functional; in fact PyMOL works
in stereo on our SGIs without a problem). I plugged the emmiter into the
DIN on my Quadro4 card, put   Option "Stereo" "3"   into my
XF86Config-4, restarted X and hoped that things will just work.
According to XFree log file, X was really initiated in stereo mode. The
emmiter light turned on when I started PyMOL. I switched to 'quad
buffered stereo' and the molecule getss rendered in stereo but when I
look at it with CrystalEyes glasses nothing changes. I still see double
rendered image on the screen, which means that the emmiter does not
synchronize glasses correctly (or at all).
I tried to change some options in XF86Config-4 but nothing helped, so I
was wondering if someone experienced the same problem. Do Stereographics
emmiter and CrystalEyes glasses work with Quadro4 at all? Do I need to
get a different emmiter or glasses? Any help appreciated...

Viktor Hornak
CSB computational facility
SUNY at Stony Brook               E-mail: viktor.hornak@sunysb.edu

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