What about the possibility to show the surfaces of just a selection of residues?
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Gianluigi Caltabiano, Ph.D.
Lab of Computational Medicine
Autonomic University of Barcelona

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Da: Michael Lerner <mglerner@gmail.com>
A: pymol-users@lists.sourceforge.net
Inviato: Giovedý 9 agosto 2007, 23:23:39
Oggetto: [PyMOL] Are there any feature requests for the PyMOL-APBS plugin?


I'm working on an update to the PyMOL-APBS plugin. Are there any
features that you would like to see included? As an example, I'm
including the ability to use PDB2PQR to generate PQR files in the next
version. Please request anything you'd like, no matter how
trivial/difficult you think it might be to implement (that's not a
promise that I'll implement it .. just that I'll consider it :) ).


-Michael Lerner

Biophysics Graduate Student
Carlson Lab, University of Michigan

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