What Id like to do is set_grid_mode_1, ray trace, and then output a png in batch mode (-c)

However if you code this in the .pml:

set_grid_mode, 1
set grid_slot, 2, object2
set grid_slot, 1, object1

viewport 1000,1000 #not sure how to get fullscreen this maybe OS specific

ray 1000,1000
png somepic.png

Grid mode does not show up in the picture and the viewport in the session is still the default window size. However, grid mode does work in the session. 

So my question(s) are this:

1. Can you use grid mode in batch mode scripts to output an image?
2. Can you encode a full screen GUI in the pymol session so when you open up the session, it is full screen?

Using MacPyMOL latest release, can switch to X11 if necessary.

Thanks so much!