Adding to thread.

I'm using pymol 1.6 (built from svn yesterday) on Ubuntu 13.04.
I've noticed that the selection indicators are not working properly.

Steps to reproduce:
#launch ignoring the config file
pymol -k

#in pymol
>fetch 1YCR

Then open sequence viewer and select a range of residues. Only the first residue is highlighed on the structure (pink squares).

Is there some setting that I accidentally set somewhere?


      On 06/18/2013 09:16 AM, Stephen P. Molnar wrote:

Two minor, but annoying, problems with the new version in Debian 7.0 64 bit/


#1  The pull down menus in the graphics windows refuse to remain open when clicked, unless I left click and hold.  Is this normal behavior?


#2.  Caver 2.1.2 will not save the location of the Directory with the plug-in .jar file.  The work around is rather cumbersome.

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