I had exactly the same problem but under Gentoo Linux 64bits using KDE 4.7.4.

In my case, I solved it by re-installing the package for chemical-mime-data (sci-chemistry/chemical-mime-data), which was missing since the removal of some Gnome chemical packages with all their dependencies I didn't use anymore . I had to add it back manually.

Hope this helps.

Ramiro Téllez Sanz

Hi guys.

Ehh. I have a newly installed Mint 12 box with gnome 3.

I have that annoying thing, that when I click a text .pdb files, it opens with gedit.
Then I can right click and select .pdb files to open with pymol.
But when I then click a .txt file, it opens it with pymol.

I know its something with mimetypes, and I got it to work on my mint 11.
But now I am a little lost, and can't find it on the web...

So, anyone did this?


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