I've been unable to install Pymol recently on an XP Pro-SP2 system.  I'll start setup.exe, and ntvdm.exe starts running but nothing progresses from there (no error messages and installshield doesn't start).  I'm not sure if it's a software conflict with something else running, but it's likely (and the PC is managed/regulated by the IS department, so I have limited ability to muck around with it, and they like to push patches in the middle of the night).  At one time I successfully installed 0.99rc6, but now that install also fails, so something has changed.
I've seen other posts where people have had problems with the version of installshield on xp; I've cleaned out my temp directory, and tried running setup in various compatibility modes and with its own memory space, and in safe mode.
Has anyone else seen/fixed this problem?
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