I said, we are on Linux.
But I did not say:
We are using Stereographic glases  and emiter connected by 3-wire cable to the DIN plug on NVIDIA Quadro FX 3000
NVIDIA GLX Module  173.14.17  Mon Feb 23 16:04:17 PST 2009
If of interest, this is openSUSE 11.1 on i386

Am 28.09.2009 16:21, schrieb Dirk Kostrewa:
Dear Joachim,

you don't say whether its Linux, Windows or Mac OS X and which emitter and glasses you are using. I've seen this behaviour long time ago with very old Nvidia graphics card drivers under Linux. Sometimes, I still see this behaviour with new drivers but with old computer hardware. Here are a few hints that might be worth trying:
- Install the most recent Nvidia driver. If it happened after updating, it might be worth to go back 1-2 versions.
- If you use the emitter from NuVision, you can simply invert left and right with a small switch. 
- Sometimes, it helps to minimize the application and maximize it again.

Good luck,


Am 28.09.2009 um 15:48 schrieb Joachim Reichelt:

Dear all,
our users complain that during there graphics session front and back are
We are on Linux using NVIDA Quadro boards with 3-pin DIN connectors.
So it seems that you see sidechains behind a sheet, that are in realety
front of a sheet.
If they were behind it, you should not see them at all.

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