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Hi there,
I used Pymol as a refined viewer since now, and I manage to do pretty much everything.
But now the thesis and publications required more advanced pictures.
I would like to to ask how to open 2 pse files in the same window
pse files are the sessionfiles from pymol. If you have saved the two setups of our protein in different files you coulnd't load them at the same time, because they will over write the whole settings of the other. Solution: Write everything in an log files and load this one. For example:

log_open LOG_file.pml
load Protein_A, first_prot
load Protein_B, second_prot
show cartoon, all
color red, first_prot
color blue, second_prot

Now everything you did is in the log file.If you want to reload it again just type @LOG_file.pml.
moreover I would like to align more then two proteins having as common orientation the chromophore that they bind. I tried with
align prot1.pse////CA, prot2.pse, FMN=alignment
but it does not work.
Better use the CEalign plugin. You can find a good description for usage and installation in the wiki.

could somebody help me?

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