Same problem with freeglut2.2.0
Isn't it strange that pymol + freeglut2.4 is NOT compatible, when it is specifically said in pymol distribution that one of the dependences is freeglut2.4????


Donnie Berkholz wrote:
Hugo Gutiérrez de Teran wrote:
freeglut (/home/hteran/tmp/programs/pymol/pymol.exe): Unable to create 
direct context rendering for window 'PyMOL Viewer' This may hurt 

But my system says I have freeglut installed:

# yum search glut
freeglut.i386                            2.4.0-4                installed
freeglut.x86_64                          2.4.0-4                installed

freeglut-2.4 + pymol = broken. Try glut instead, or perhaps freeglut-2.2
or freeglut CVS.



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