Warren, Mark;

thanks for these suggestions concerning "overexposed" images. We have dumped Warren's settings into our pymolrc file and are now getting much better results...



Mark A Saper schrieb:
Wulf et al,

I've had similar results to what you report even with a session file created with the latest version of PyMol.  You should first try what Warren suggests.  Then, if the specular highlights still look too contrasty, you can try reducing the specular_intensity to about 0.2 and also adjust the shininess value.


BTW: we have a little difficulty with the 0.99 version under windows:
colours have become very glary in raytracing, like an overexposed
photograph. Is this a feature, a non-optimised colour scheme or simply
my mistake?


It may be necessary to reoptimize the lighting settings.  The new defaults are:

set ambient, 0.14
set gamma, 1.0
set direct, 0.45
set reflect, 0.45
set specular_intensity, 0.5
set light_count, 2
set light, [ -0.40000, -0.40000, -1.00000 ]
set spec_reflect, -1
set spec_power, -1
set shininess, 55